Bergen Food Festival

Free and inspiring food courses during the whole festival

Bergen Food Festival is happening at Koengen/Bergenhus Festning from Friday the 31st of august until Sunday the 2th of September 2018.

Opening hours:

Friday         31.08: 12-19

Saturday    01.09: 10-19

Sunday:      02.09: 10-17

During the festive days local food producers and chefs will work together to serve you amazing tasting experiences from the West Coast of Norway.

Real food from the ocean and the land

The festival presents some of the greatest food that the West Coast of Norway can provide. Skilled local food producers presents and sells tasty products from both the ocean and the agricultural land. Meet the producers face to face, learn about the local food, the stories behind it and get insight into how it is being produced. You can enjoy and buy a great selection of local cheese, meat, seafood, honey, vegetables, fruits, berries, cider, bakeries and other exciting local produce.

Norways longest cheese table 

In November World Cheese Awards will be held in Bergen. At Bergen food festival we are prepping the public for this by creating Norways longest cheese table. Come and have a taste of all the diverse Norwegian cheese!

Cider from Hardanger

Cider production has a long history and tradition in Norway, especially in the regions of Hardanger. Hardanger has some of the best conditions to produce world class apples that is turned in to world class cider. The cider producers speculate that this will become the next champagne. They will all be at the festival to serve you amazing cider! Taste it and tell us what you think!

The best chefs from Bergen

The festival also showcases a big restaurant tent “Matbyen Bergen”, where some of the best restaurants from Bergen serves delicious meals made with local produce. Sit down, relax and enjoy the different flavors, the sparkling cider and experience the great atmosphere and real enjoyment of food. Bien Restaurant, Bryggen Tracteursted, Colonialen, Cornelius Sjømatrestaurant, Marg og Bein and Restaurant 1877 will all be serving you delicious food.

Bergen- Unesco city of gastronomy

Bergen is a member of the UNESCO creative city of gastronomy network. Many of the other cities in the network will also be attending the festival to share their food culture and unique specialties.

Large international participation of UNESCO-cities

This year we have visitors from five international UNESCO gastronomy cities that will offer their food specialties to the public- Don’t miss the unique tastes from other food cultures!

  • Alba, Italy
  • Dénia, Spain
  • Burgos, Spain
  • Florianopolis, Brazil

Inspiring food classes the whole weekend long (FREE)

You will learn a lot about the different local foods- from seafood, cheese, cider and cheese in combination, Unesco cooking shows, vegetarian food and much more. It will be cooking shows and exiting food related activities with both local and international actors. Gard and Petter from Bien restaurant will be the cheerful hosts! See the whole program here:

Organic area

Do you want to learn more about how to grow your own vegetables in the city? Are you curious about what lays behind organic principles in agriculture? Do you want tips on how to reduce food waste? Do you want to but local organic produce? Or do you want to enjoy tasty street food?

Welcome to the organic area!

Meet the city’s fish mongers  

The fish mongers serves you the best quality seafood! Have a taste of the freshest and most seasonal seafood around! On Sunday you can also enjoy a large fish auctioning!

Children’s food festival 

Children’s food festival is a part of Bergen Food Festival, and it offers fun food related  activities for children and youth. Here they can learn about making tasty dishes with seafood and vegetables, participate in the big food travel- from soil to table and back to soil, get to know different types of fish species, participate in competitions, meet the farmer and the animals, drive a mini tractor and much more!